We cordially invite you to participate in the Joint Workshop on the Organic Chemistry of Sulfur (JWOCS) to be held in Vienna on February 27th and 28th, 2023.

JWOCS aims to connect organic chemists from academia and industry alike, to share and discuss novel research and generate new ideas around the organic chemistry of sulfur.

JWOCS will include talks by invited speakers, a number of short talks and poster sessions. It aims at fostering an environment of active exchange of ideas and providing a basis for fruitful collaborations.

JWOCS will be held in Vienna, offering ample opportunities to experience Austrian culture, network and cultivate scientific friendships. We do hope that you will join us to make JWOCS a fruitful and memorable event. We look forward to seeing you in Vienna!


Prof. Nuno Maulide
Institute of Organic Chemistry
Faculty of Chemistry
University of Vienna


Prof. Hideki Yorimitsu
Department of Chemistry
Graduate School of Science
Kyoto University

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